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Breast augmentation with breast prostheses or lipofilling (your own fat)

Borstvergroting met borstprothesen
Borstvergroting met borstprotheses

Why breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic procedures, and that is no surprise. As one of the main attractions, breasts can help define a woman's beauty, accentuating body shapes and adding volume. Breast augmentation can also restore volume and lift to breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, breastfeeding or in cases of hypoplasia, where breasts naturally lag in growth. Furthermore, breast augmentation procedures are widely requested to increase bra cup size, enlarge small or asymmetrical breasts, reconstruct breasts after surgery, or increase overall self-confidence and self-esteem.

Breast augmentation with breast prostheses

Breast augmentation is usually performed with breast prostheses. At Delta Clinic, we only work with top-quality products of the highest standards.

Breast augmentation with lipofilling or your own fat

An alternative to breast prostheses is lipofilling or fat transfer from your own fat. This is obtained by liposuction, where fat is removed from the abdominal area or flanks and inserted into the breasts after purification.

Our approach

  • During pre-surgery discussions, you will be explained all the steps to be taken, including the duration of the operation and aftercare.

  • Breast augmentation takes place under analgo-sedation (full anaesthesia), which is performed by an experienced anaesthetist.

  • Analgesics are given for pain and as a sleep aid.

  • An antibiotic is given preoperatively to prevent any infection.

  • The procedure takes about 1 hour.

  • After the procedure, you will stay in the recovery room under the care of an experienced nurse.

  • You can go home in 1-2 hours after we give you the necessary prescriptions for pain medication and further instructions for care.

Delta Clinic

High quality, favourable price

More and more women are opting for breast augmentation, which makes this procedure a standard operation at our clinic. As a result, prices are greatly reduced, which lowers entry barriers. Delta Clinic passes on the discounts to the patient, enabling us to offer you a quality prosthesis and the best surgical expertise at the most competitive price. The cost of your breast augmentation includes professionalism, quality and reliable results. Our experienced doctors have already performed more than 3,000 successful breast augmentations, so you are assured of great expertise at Delta Clinic.

siliconen prothesen

These prices include full anaesthesia or analgo-sedation and perioperative medication.
A sports bra is not included. The price for this is € 75, including VAT.

Cost of breast augmentation

Incl. VAT

Breast augmentation with your own fat or lipofilling:

€ 3500

Breast prostheses: round cohesive silicone prostheses (Sebbin): € 3500

Breast prostheses; round cohesive silicone prostheses (Silimed): € 3650

Breast prostheses: round cohesive silicone prostheses (Motiva): € 3800

Anatomical prostheses (drop shape)

Prosthesis change: + € 800

Nipple correction: from € 1800

Delta Clinic

Delta Clinic is your specialist in breast augmentation with breast prostheses or lipofilling.

Are you considering breast augmentation? We'll advise you clearly and discreetly regarding your situation.

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