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Aesthetic surgery and beauty treatments

Delta Clinic
Air Purifier

We specialise in:

Breast augmentation (with prostheses or your own fat)

Breast reduction/Breast lifting


Lipofilling (breasts, hands, face)

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck/Mommy Makeover

Facelift/neck lift

Nose correction

Labia correction

Aesthetic treatments

  • Fillers - Botulinum Toxin (Botox) - Thread lifts - HIFU

About Delta Clinic

In an ultra-modern medical centre that employs the latest equipment, products and the most innovative treatment methods, our team offers various services in aesthetic surgery and beauty treatments. We aim to make your visit a pleasant experience and ensure the best results. In terms of air purification, our facilities are up-to-date and state-of-the-art. In all rooms, this is done with ionisation, ozone and HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air). Additional ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) are used in the operating room.

Delta Clinic, specialists in aesthetic surgery and beauty treatments

Thinking about aesthetic surgery or beauty treatments? Delta Clinic in Lichtaart/Kasterlee will advise you discreetly and clearly about all the services on offer. Whatever treatment you entrust to us, we always present the most efficient solution and work safely with the greatest care and precision.

Innovation and quality at the right price

In an era characterised by rapid technological progress and ever-evolving medical developments, Delta Clinic is always at the forefront of innovation with its specialisations. Our doctors are assisted by professional staff and have access to the latest equipment. This means that breast augmentation, for example, results in minimal scarring of only 3-4 cm after the procedure and virtually painless recovery. Our efficient and professional working methods allow us to offer a high standard of quality at an economical price.

Delta Clinic
Delta Clinic

An honest and transparent approach

Together, we discuss your needs, wishes and expectations in detail. Then, we look at what we can do for you within your predetermined budget. In doing so, we consider honestly the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure so that you are not confronted with surprises. Naturally, we aim to minimise complications with a positive physical and mental outcome.

The price of the first aesthetic surgery consultation is 75 euros, including VAT.

Postoperative check-up consultations are free of charge.

Our doctors will be happy to review your specific needs and different options with you.


Delta Clinic

Make an appointment

We work by appointment only. Making an appointment is easy on this website, via email or by phone.

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