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Breast reduction and breast lifting

Borstverkleining en borstlifting
Borstverkleining en borstlifting

Why breast reduction and breast lift?

Breast reductions and breast lifts have long since ceased to be a taboo subject, but these procedures are increasingly demanded for medical or aesthetic reasons. Overweight or droopy breasts can be the cause of physical and psychological problems. If you have very large breasts relative to your physique, this can lead to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, skin and sleep problems. It can also make practising an active sport or wearing certain clothes impossible and may even make you feel insecure. A breast reduction is then a life-changing procedure. Daily life becomes much more comfortable with better sleep, better posture and a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Breast reduction or breast lifting

A breast reduction (also known as aug-pexy or breast lifting) is actually an operation with the same effect. In a breast reduction, the volume is reduced and the skin is adjusted. In breast lifting, the skin is adjusted and the volume remains the same as before. Sometimes, a breast prosthesis is inserted. Lifting during breast reduction also results in firmer breasts.

Our approach

  • Breast reduction surgery is always tailor-made.

  • During pre-surgery discussions, you will be explained all the steps to be taken, including the duration of the operation and aftercare.

  • In addition to a breast examination, we perform a chest examination when necessary, as well as an ultrasound or mammography if you have a positive family history. We also look at any back abnormalities so that we can inform you as fully as possible about the expected end result.

  • A breast reduction or breast lifting is done under general anaesthesia. These procedures require day hospitalisation only.

  • This surgery is not painful and offers very good results in the long run. Scars are minimal and placed where they are most discreet.

  • Moreover, the function of the breast is respected: the possibility of breastfeeding is maintained, and blood flow and sensitivity of the nipple are preserved.

Delta Clinic
Borstverkleining en borstlifting

Cost of breast reduction and breast lift

Incl. VAT

Breast reduction: from € 4000

Breast lift: from € 4000

Breast lift + prostheses (Sebbin): + € 500

Breast lift + prostheses (Silimed): + € 650

Breast lift + prostheses (Motiva): + € 800

Nipple correction: from € 1800

Delta Clinic

If having large breasts affects your daily life, you may want to consider breast reduction.

Make an appointment at Delta Clinic, specialists in breast reduction and breast lifting, for a clear and discreet consultation.

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