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Nose reduction or rhinoplasty of the nasal tip, nasal bridge, etc.


Why rhinoplasty?

Your nose is the central part of your face, and when we look at ourselves in the mirror or meet others, the nose is the first or most important thing we notice. If your nose is too big or too small against other facial features, rhinoplasty may be considered. Perhaps there are lumps on your nasal bridge, or your nose is crooked, curved, too wide or asymmetrical. A nose reduction or correction of the nasal tip or bridge can improve the shape and/or size of your nose and your whole appearance. But breathing problems, aesthetic changes after an accident or congenital defects can also be remedied with rhinoplasty.


What is rhinoplasty?

With rhinoplasty, we can adjust your nasal tip, narrow the nostrils, improve your nasal bridge, change the angle between your upper lip, correct the nasal tip, etc. Any change in the structure of the nose has an effect on other structures and, therefore, on the final result. As a result, corrective nose surgery requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

Rhinoplasty is not a reconstruction

In Belgium, abnormalities in the aesthetics of the nose can be corrected, and we do not have to reconstruct the nose. That means we do not change the character or racial characteristic of the nose (e.g. converting a 'black' nose to a 'white/Caucasian' nose). Therefore, we cannot respond to every patient's wish because, in that case, we cannot meet expectations.

Our approach

  • Delta Clinic guides you through the entire process, from intake to aftercare and recovery. In doing so, we always follow a set route.

  • First, we map out the problems, inform you about the limitations, listen to your wishes and perform a clinical examination, possibly together with medical imaging and functional tests to assess, e.g., the accessibility of the nose.

  • We then draw up a comprehensive surgical plan after studying the various problems and listing solutions. You will also receive this plan so that you know where you stand and what the options and limitations are.

  • During the operation, the surgeon performs the procedure according to plan, but at the same time, can fall back on extensive knowledge and experience should an unexpected situation suddenly arise.

  • Rhinoplasty can involve various procedures, such as an implant in the bridge of the nose, a chin or neck correction to make the nose look better, or a correction of the nose tip.


Cost of nose correction

Incl. VAT

Nose correction: from € 3500

Delta Clinic

Thinking about a nose reduction or rhinoplasty?

Make an appointment at Delta Clinic. We will be happy to offer you expert and discreet information tailored to your situation.

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